Our Services

All design work at Springer Group is produced on state-of-the-art Building Information Modeling (BIM) and computer Aided Design (CAD) systems, which provides an extraordinary degree of interface accuracy among the design disciplines involved in each project. The BIM/CAD systems vastly enhance the professional’s ability to quickly and fully investigate alternate solutions during the design process and to easily incorporate and fully coordinate changes during the production phase. The firm employs two full-time BIM/CAD technicians and two BIM /CAD experienced project managers.


Projects are complex and their design requires teams of designers and engineers with specialties that include civil, landscaping, structural, mechanical, electrical & lighting, fire protection, and others. Within an integrated, high performance building, the design of each system is uniquely tied to the performance of all the other systems which necessitates a process that is participatory and collaborative. We also understand that a project may have many users, advocates and interested parties that will want to have input into the design process. We welcome this participation and routinely utilize design charrettes and meetings on our projects to solicit input and develop consensus.


The detailed development of a well thought out design schedule is an essential element of meeting project commitments. Maintaining the schedule requires the attention of the project manager, who must insist that individual staffing and completion commitments be met and must be quick to recognize and react to unforeseen difficulties and changes throughout the design and production phases. By maintaining an accurate and independent assessment of the progress of each task, the project manager is able to intervene quickly when accelerations or other schedule adjustments are required.


As the design progresses, it is periodically reviewed on the basis of constructability, since design details directly affect construction feasibility, construction costs, and construction schedule, alternative selections are continually investigated which might have a favorable influence on these important factors. Constructability considerations are thus entertained throughout the design process.

Construction Costing

Springer Group is committed to maintaining effective control of construction costs and a view of construction planning as an integral part of the design process, results in efficient and cost effective design. Preliminary and final total project construction cost estimates can be provided for the projects as requested.

Handicap access - ADA

Springer Group Architects served as the architectural component of the ADA Consultants of Montana. This is a company that deals with the total ADA law. Our goal is to provide reasonable and practical solutions to meet the ADA law. Mr. Springer has attended seminars on the ADA law and in particular the access aspect of the law. Our group is very aware of the ADA and the other accessibility requirements and can provide reasonable and practical solutions.

Energy Efficient Design

Energy efficient design is no longer merely optional, but necessary for all facilities. The use of energy efficient construction methods represents considerations constantly and exhaustively explored by Springer Group. Our designers and engineers will continually evaluate energy consumption requirements inherent to a particular design solution.